Contributing to Ecuador’s sustainable future
Our goal is to share our creativity, delivering our knowledge and experience to communities that need help bridging their perspective with a world less connected to nature and community values; creating projects that bring understanding to both by appreciating culture and environmental diversity.
We encourage conscious progress; the healthy exchange of ideas; and the creation and execution of projects that surface from community’s voice arising from direct encounter with nature’s wisdom, people’s intuition and their eagerness to learn.
We see countless challenges; we see countless opportunities when sharing beliefs, when sharing different approaches to survival to life. We certainly treasure difference and defend diversity our passion for such matters brings us hope and joy in the making.
Our projects’ main objectives are nature conservation and creation of alternative and sustainable ways of development.
Our Approach
Contributing to Ecuador’s sustainable future
Our vision
To preserve communities’ cosmo-vision and environment through sustainable and transparent projects based on ecological cooperation, social justice and inclusion, health and education, in a holistic way that carries ancestral values.
Our mission
We have witnessed that most social and environmental problems in Ecuador find roots in the increasing separation between indigenous groups and the modern world. We intend to help bridging these two worlds by:
  • Offering a platform for indigeneous communities to develop sustainable alternatives to industrialisation, promoting the right to a dignified life in a healthy environment
  • Embracing environmental and wildlife conservation through innovative educational programs and exchanges between native communities and the academic community (students and researchers coming from fiels such as biology, ecology, sustainable agricul- ture, etc.)
  • Supporting communities and their cosmo-vision in order to preserve and share ancestral wisdom and knowledge through cultural exchanges, craft workshops and fairs, oral tradition, cultural adaptation to inherit it to their future generation.
In order to best assist the development and implementation of the projects, we have made the decision to remain focused on our country, Ecuador. This allows us to have a direct impact through our deep geographical and cultural knowledge as well as constant presence in the various project locations.
Our projects are based mainly in the following regions: South-east Ecuador Amazon Basin, North and Central Highlands and Central Costal Region.
Although macro-economic and geopolitical factors cannot be ignored while assessing the feasibility of a project or its short-term benefits for a community, we select projects mainly based on the principles that will allow the projects to flourish in the long-term, regardless of business or political cycles
Therefore, each project fulfils the following criteria:
  • Local origin: whether the project idea arises from the community itself (or its leaders or members) and brought to us only for support in design and implementation
  • Complementarity: whether our skills and experience are complementary to those of the community and if they are together sufficient for the success of the project
  • Ownership: whether all the members of the community are involved and committed to the hard work necessary for the implementation and continuous operations of the project
  • Autonomy: whether the potential gaps in the community’s expertise can be bridged during the project’s implementation and whether a sustainable structure can be put in place for the project to be managed by the community itself after a certain period (Fundación Menté members still remain part of the board of directors or audit committees but are not involved anymore in the day-to-day operations after the transition

To raise awareness and
preserve biodiversity and
cultures in the Amazon Basin is
vital to prevent climate change
and safeguard our planet


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